Causes of Cystic Acne

Posted by Admin on September 9, 2010

Did you know that the causes of cystic acne aren't necessarily tied to poor hygiene? In fact, 90% of cases are caused by large hormonal changes in our lives. These events take place during puberty, pregnancy, child birth and from stressful events in our life. That's right, one of the causes of cystic acne is stress, so be sure to eliminate as much of it as you can from your life.

The other 10% is caused by not properly cleaning your face, back, upper arms, shoulders and chest with a moisturizing cleanser at least once a day, but no more than 3 times a day.

There is additional speculation that heredity plays a role, but there is no scientific evidence to back that up as of yet.

So, now that you know the causes of cystic acne, what can you do to get rid of it? For starters, leave it alone! What I mean by that is NEVER pop it, scratch it or pierce those pus pockets we all so love.

The only way to effectively get rid of cystic acne is to use a special medication specifically designed to eliminate it. There are several available form your doctor that are pretty expensive (even if you have insurance). I paid over $500 out of pocket after my co-pay. OUCH!

The other option is to go with the only other over the counter medication available on the market: Dermology. I love it because it helps within days, instead of the months you'll have to wait with the expensive medications your doctor will subscribe. They also like that it has a free trial and a money back guarantee.

Here's their website:

My Cystic Acne
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