Adult Cystic Acne

Posted by Admin on November 10, 2010

Adult cystic acne is often brought on by large hormonal changes such as pregnancy, child birth and stressful events in our lives. As an example, adult cystic acne rose over 25% in New York city after 911 due to the level of stress people endured there. Adult cystic acne can be incredibly painful and just as scaring as cystic acne is in our teen years. If you already have it, then you know exactly what I mean.

While proper skin care, such as cleaning the infected area once a day with a mild cleanser, can help adult cystic acne, only medications specifically designed to help stop cystic acne can cure it. There are currently 5 medications you can get from your dermatologist that will help, but only one is immediately available over the counter: Dermology.

Dermology will stop the spread of your cystic acne and alleviate the pain and swelling you are experiencing. Our users tell us that it helps in days, instead of weeks or months like other medications you can get from your doctor. It's also much less expensive (even with insurance), comes with a money back guarantee.

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Adult Cystic Acne
Adult Cystic Acne - Before and After Photos