The Cystic Acne Treatment That Works

Posted by Amy on November 18, 2010

My name is Amy and I am from Santa Barbara, California. I wanted to share my cystic acne story with everyone on the web. I'm not a celebrity or someone who has a ton of money for an expensive acne treatment.

I'm just a single girl who found a product that works better than all the other famous acne treatments out there (you know, the ones that didn't work?). Hopefully my story inspires you to get the same results as me without spending hundreds of dollars on useless products that simply DO NOT work.

Cystic Acne
Before and After Photos

Yep, that was me at one of the worst stages of my cystic acne and right before my life changed when I started using Dermology Acne Treatment. And that's me 6 weeks after I started using it.

First, I was worried because as a young, single girl I don't have much money. But I found out that I could actually get it for under $50, compared to $300 for the cystic acne treatments my dermatologist recommended.

Here's their website:

Here's what you get:

cystic acne cure

Let Me To Tell You A Little Bit About Myself

I guess I should start with a little information about me. I am 26 years old and very single. I hate my acne. It's horrible. I even refused to be photographed because I was too embarrassed. And every morning when I woke up, I was scared to look in the mirror and see how worse my skin looked on that day.

I started getting acne when I was 13 years old ("thank you Puberty"). I went to numerous dermatologists and was prescribed different "expensive" skin treatments such as Diferin Gel, Tetracycline, and Accutane. However, as I got older, I got a little wiser and started to actually read the added information sheets about the various side effects that some of these prescriptions could cause.

Accutane for example could cause depression, birth defects, liver and kidney damage, and suicidal delusions. There are even class action lawsuits out there now over Accutane!

So even though I didn't have the flawless skin of Halle Barry, I also didn't want to risk getting any of the long-term side effects that came along with prescription drugs.

So, I started testing out different kinds of over-the-counter products such as Oxy, Neutrogena, and Clearasil. They were definitely less expensive and did not come with all of the side effects. Some of these products worked initially, but after a couple days the red blemishes came back, leaving my skin even more dry, red, and irritated.

The Cure That Changed My Life

About 4 months ago I was outside walking my dog and a little boy passed by me holding his mother's hand and asked her "Does that girl have chicken pox?" Now, I know kids are brutally honest and hearing his words pierced my heart and shattered the one ounce of self-confidence that I had left. I felt like I wanted to lock myself inside my house and never face the real world again. Yes, it was that bad, and I was truly frustrated and depressed.

So I decided that I had to take action, once and for all. The first thing I did was to do some research on the web... I mean seriously, there had to be hundreds of thousands of people out there that suffered from acne just like I did. I was right. After chatting with fellow acne sufferers on public forums and sharing my previous experiences, one person told me about his acne solution that worked for him, Knockout.

It was around this time that a co-worker of mine, Mark, who had tried the same medication for acne, also suggested that I try Dermology. He believed that if it had cured him from his severe acne, it would surely cure me too.

And best of all, she told me that it cost only $1 for a 1 month supply and if it doesn't work, I can get my money back!!!

I was not very convinced because I'd tried everything and nothing had worked yet, so why should Knockout really work? After exchanging several PMs with the person that I met on an acne forum, I was convinced to at least try it. So I went to and ordered mine for $49.95.

How I Lost All That Cystic Acne For Good

I saw the first results within the first weeks of using Dermology. After 6 weeks my skin was near perfect. I could not believe it - After 13 years of desperation and pain, my skin was blemish free for the first time!

Cystic Acne

4 weeks later and my skin is virtually blemish free! I feel incredible. I plan on staying cystic acne free forever! I feel better, healthier and more confident than I have in years! My friends and family are so happy for me. Now, I can proudly take family photos and no longer try to hide my face behind Aunt Margie's head.

Guys love my new look... let's just say I can’t keep their hands off me. Before Dermology, I was lucky if a guy even looked at me. Afterall, who wants to date a girl with pimples?

Look, it's like I said. I'm just an average woman who was lucky and discovered a product for helping to clear my skin. I pray that my story provides at least a little bit of a reason or motivation to do what I did, clear your skin and get back your self-confidence! Please, please do not give up, like I did. Getting clearer skin will change your life in ways that you just cannot imagine. You are going to feel better than you ever did. But more importantly, you will finally feel what I feel. Happy!

I wholeheartedly recommend Dermology because it worked for me when nothing else did. I got clearer skin, and even better is that you can try it for under $50. You won’t lose anything but your blemishes! Try this product if you feel stuck with no way out of your cystic acne problems...I guarantee you will get amazing results. Just try it, you will like it, I promise!

PS: I got several PMs and comments from guys who also tried Dermology. They said that they really like Dermology - I am glad to hear that it works on both guys and girls.